Vegetable nation

It was a vegetable shop, to be precise it was a vegetable supermarket. How was it different from other vegetable shops? What made me write a blog post about it? It was large and broad version of a stall. There was a signboard at the entrance, stating people to buy token before entering. I was…

Newton’s third law – Everyday Science

Argument: If you are standing on the top of the building, why are you standing yet? Why don’t you fall to the ground cracking down the building due to gravity? While you may say gravity is a weak force, that’s not the valid reason.

Why does cooking time change at higher altitudes?

Water normally boils at 100oC at sea level. “While heating water, the water molecules gain energy and start vibrating. A liquid boils when the molecules have attained energy to break the liquid phase and enter the gaseous phase.”

Forbidden Journey – Short Story

I met him when I was 10 and I was visiting my grandpa’s house for the first time.  I could see my grandpa’s house from the train itself as it was near railway track. I loved the climate, the smell and the surroundings of the hill station. My regular routine was roaming, roaming and roaming….

Black Holes

As the name implies, black holes are not holes in space. Black holes are regions in space characterised by high gravity and temperature. The gravity is so large that anything that goes near it is pulled inside and even light cannot escape.

How do Android Heart Beat Monitors work?

There are many heart beat monitors in the Android Market. These apps ask you to cover your android device camera with your index finger. Blood vessels in our body contract and dilate with each heart beat. These apps measure the light reflected from your finger. The difference in the light reflected due to this rhythmic contraction and…

1 min Story – First Interview

I woke up very early. I spent a lot of time talking before the mirror. I was very cautious in choosing my wardrobe and I also made sure they looked formal and professional. When I stepped into the office, I was nervous as I was about to face my first Interview. As I entered the…

Sun and sources of energy

Sun is the supreme source of energy for all organisms in the Earth. Let us see how Sun has been the backbone of various forms of energy. Solar Energy We already know that there have been technologies developed to use the energy from Sun’s radiation (@ Solar Energy). Some common solar energy applications are Solar…

Why do people faint on a hot day?

Reason for dehydration which results in fainting We know that matter is classified into 3 basic categories – solids, liquids and gases. This classification is based on the bonding between atoms. Atoms are closely arranged in the case of solids, less closely arranged in the case of liquids and comparatively spaciously arranged in the case…

Matrix Inverse Calculator in HTML

Here is my 3×3 Matrix Inverse Calculator. This is the formula I used. Matrix Inverse =( 1/Determinant) * Transpose of Cofactor Matrix When the given matrix is singular i.e. determinant = 0, the code cannot be used.